12 Important Points About Estimating 

Written by : Engr Sami Ullah (civilglobal.com)

1: When any Quantity civil Engineer want to find out the building Estimation, bride , road or any construction project before starting estimation Quantity surveyor should be seen the project plane and their dimensions. And after that the Quantity surveyor will be able to find out the project quantity.

2: The drawing detailed should be attached with their estimation of any project. Because it will make our estimate           too much easy.When the details are attached the drawing so it is easy to read and clear for estimation purpose.

3: To Find out the building or any other structure the dimension should be cleared for estimation works.

4: In estimation time all the item should be calculated in units , and also with their payments. all the estimation should be in one unite. it is easy to measure the dimension and their calculation.

5: To find out estimation also posses a good imagination skill during reading technical drawings to workout quantity       take off.

6: for estimation of any project we have to check out the per item materials price in current rate.that what is the current rate of any materials which are required to use in the project construction.

7: The road estimation should be done in RD or in Kilo meter (km). Because the road construction can be count with the mega project so for that we can not use the small unit to measure the calculation and estimation of construction of road.

8: During estimation the calculation should betaken clearly for project drawing . because when you take the dimension with mistake so, your all calculation of the project will be not clear. So take the dimension of any project carefully and with their specification. So therefore  project estimation should be done with drawing dimension, Because when we do not follow the drawing dimension it will not give us the correct estimation of any project

9: In the estimation of culverts and bridge we have to find out the estimation in Meters. Because these are the rules of Estimation of Bridge and culverts. Because the high project should be measure  with the meters.

10: We have to find out the estimation with the project specification, than it will be better for our project. when we find the estimation with the building specification than it will give us the accurate value of estimation.

11: Schedule baseline should be taken in the beginning and should not be changed except change requests. when we work with the baseline so our all the project works can be easy and no obstacle can be make in during estimation.

12:  when we fine out the estimation ,If there are many risks in a project, appropriate budget and time that is needed to accommodate these risks when they occur must be planned respectively.

Note: The above points are very important to find out the building or any other project, Because without all these point we are not able to find the building estimation. So we have to follow all these points for estimation of nay projects.every estimator should be keep in mind all those points than the quantity surveyor will be able to give the good benefit to the project.

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