Civil global is a learning platform for all the Civil Engineers Students around all over the world. We have started this blog with a mission to educate and keep people informed by creating a trusted source of knowledge everything related to Civil Engineering.

The person behind in this website www.civilglobal.com. He is Engr: Sami Ullah. And he completed his B-Tech Hon’s in 2017. He is also a You Tube Channel Which is also about civil Engineering (Civil Engineers) In this channel he is uploading civil engineering related videos.

Our Mission

To provide Civil Engineering online access, and spread the education of Civil Engineering in all over the world.And keep the Civil Engineers from advance Technology.

Our goal is not just to create a blog but to spread a movement for better engineering and technology to help our society live a better life at a better and safer place, and fulfill their needs for faster growth. This blog is dedicated to knowledge sharing. The engineering and technology can excel only when there is a source of knowledge sharing. So, I have come forward, for the cause of better of civil engineering, for the people and for the society

Please give us your valuable feedback and suggestions. We appreciate your opinions and we will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements on our site.

Thank You