How to calculate quantity of plaster for a wall

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai (

In this article I will show you the easy way that how to find out the quantity of plaster for wall. after reading this article you will be able to find out the quantity of plaster:

what is Plaster:

In civil engineering Plastering is the process of applying thin cover of materials which are made of cement , sand and water. that is also called  cement mortar. It improves the appearance of the structure and gives decorative effect to the interiors. therefore we used the plaster to make the wall waterproof and smooth.

Here i have taken the length of the wall which 5 meter and Height of the wall which is 3 meter and thickness of the plaster 12 mm which is equal to 0.012m. Remember don’t take the plaster thickness more than 12 mm because it will make the cracks in the all and also it can not give us the good result if we used more than 12 mm thickness of This is just the example that that how to find out the quantity for plaster in brick work masonry. But this method you can used to find out the actual quantity for the plaster materials in the wall.

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Given Data:

Here the length of the wall is = L = 6 meter

Height of the wall is = H = 3 meter

Thickness of the plaster is = Thickness = 12 mm = or 0.012 meter.

To find out the Quantity of morter for the plaster of wall Use the given formula

Formula :

First of all we have to find out the volume of plaster  =  V = L x H x Thickness

So volume of plaster is = 6 x 3 x 0.012 = 0.216 cum.

But Remember the above volume of plaster is Wet Volume so it should be  converted to Dry  volume, Because we have to find out Dry materials quantity but not in Wet.

Use the Given Formula to Convert the wet volume to Get Dry Volume:

Dry Volume = Wet Volume x 1.27  = 0.216 x 1.27  = 0.274 cum.

Now I have to select the Ratio of Plaster  = 1 : 4 Sum of Ratio Become = 5


1 is Cement and 4 is Sand

Now we have to find out the Given materials from Dry volume of plaster.

Volume of Cement = V =  1/5 x Dry volume of plaster

= 1/5 x 0.274 = 0.054 cum.

Now we will Convert  the cement volume  to Cement bags.

Remember the Volume of 1 (one) cement bag is = 0.035 cum.

Use the given formula to find No’s of Cement bags

Volume of Cement / Volume of one bag Cement bag = 0.054 / 0.035 =  1.56 No of bags

Note : (The above Volume of Cement bag is in meter cube) which is 0.035 cum

Now Volume of Sand  = V =  1/5 x dry volume of plaster

= V = 1/5 x 0.274 = 0.054 cum.

The above calculation is the standard method to find out the cement quantity and sand quantity for the plaster in a wall therefore use this method and Find your Different quantity for different materials.

To find out the Quantity for Concrete we can also use the above method but we just use the to convert the wet volume of concrete to Dry so the place of 1.27 we use 1.54 and other is the same formula.







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