How to select suitable grade of concrete for construction

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In this article i will understand you that how to select the suitable Grade for concrete construction for different works.

How to Select Grade of Concrete:

Grade of concrete construction is select by the base on Structure design requirements. And the Grade of concrete should be change for different project construction.But remember one thing That select the suitable grade of concrete for any building construction. And for that I am discussing the Types of Grade in which you will be able

We have two types of concrete mix:

1: Nominal Mix

2: Design Mix

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Nominal Mix : Nominal mix concrete is used for the small scale construction which are simple projects like residential buildings. Where the high strength is not required, so we used the nominal mix concrete. So it mean that the nominal mix concrete used for the normal buildings. And we just take care of factor of safety for quality control problem during concrete construction of any structure. In nominal mix concrete we have M5 , M7.5 , M10 M15 , M20, M25. These grade of concrete is also too much good, but the M15 to M25 these are used for RCC works. Because it his the high strength.

Used of Nominal Mix  Concrete in construction works :

I have already explained you that the suitable grad of concrete should be select by the base on the structure design. SO the therefore Nominal Mix Concrete Grades are such as M15, M20, M25 are used for the small project construction where the high strength is not required. so the above Grade of concrete (M15, M20, M25) should be count with Nominal mix concrete.

Note: The M15 Grade of concrete is just used for the Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) construction works.  which is used to get normal strength for the structure . M20 Grade of concrete is used for the Reinforcement Cement Concrete (RCC) construction works we used Minimum M20 Grade of concrete which is high strength concrete.

Design Mix Concrete: The design mix concrete is that which mix proportions can be obtained from various lab tests. And design mix concrete is used for the good quality control when we are selection the materials , Mixing and transportation of concrete. And this kind of Concrete types is used for the Mega projects, where the high strength are required for the project, Than we are able to select this Design mix concrete.

The Design max concrete are used to gain the high strength of concrete to construct the mega project. But the Design mix concrete is too much expensive therefore it used for the high level projects.

Used of Design Mix Concrete :

For mega project construction we used the design mix concrete. Because there are required the high strength of concrete. Therefor we select the higher grade of concrete same like M30, M35 , M30 , M45 etc. Because these proportion of concrete should be design for any mega project by their requirements of project construction.And design mix concrete is used to construct the dams and airport etc. where we required the high strength of concrete so make the good quality of project

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah   (

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