How to Study Drawing For the Column , Wall and Foundation

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai.

This Topic is too much important for all civil engineers. Because many students don’t understand that how to study Engineering drawing.

Here in this plan you can see the column,beam and boundary wall sections.


Here in this drawing i took the  scale ¼ inch is equal to 1 feet.

keep in mind one point  that in this drawing the actual dimensions of both the columns are 13.5 inches and 13.5 inches. The breadth of the wall is 9 inches. There is one inside and one outside of the plan.  There is the distance between two columns we have 12 feet. and the outer side we have the wall plaster.

After this  let us to see the elevation for outside of this column. It will show the NGL ( Natural Ground Level ) and  FGL which is (finished ground level) (inside). The height of the column or the height of the wall is 7 foot and 6 inches. The walls are continued from both sides. And this drawing i had made for my Clint there for it can be change for more details and its depend on the Architecture design.

Let us know about the cross-section of the wall and columns

The cross section of the column will show the dimension of the column which is equal to 2.5 feet and the other column is 3 feet. The scale is 3/8 inches is equal to one foot. but scale can be changed with their requirements.

It uses the class D concrete. Depth is 6 inches and for the second step, the depth is 6 inches.

From foundation to natural ground, the depth from natural ground level to foundation is 30 inches which is equal 2.5ft.

When two sides are subtracted from the first step, then the second step becomes 22 ½ inches x 22 ½ inches.  When two sides are subtracted from the second step, then the third step becomes 18 inch x 18 inch. 13 ½ inch x 13 ½ inches is the actual dimension of the column. It can be matched with top views and other views.

 The height of the column is 8 feet. For second column, the first step is 2.5 feet and the second step is 18 inches (1.5ft) and the third step is 13 ½ inches. The height of the second column is 7 feet and 6 inches. We will use the mortar in 1:6 where 1 is the cement and 6 is the sand in the first column. 13 and ½ inches brick masonry is used in 1st column. 9 inches brick masonry wall is in second column.  For the column with foundation 3 feet, we will use the plaster ratio as 1:4 where 1 is cement and 4 is sand. this ratio is normal used for the cement plaster,

 In last step we have to do the Deep struck pointing is for column having foundation equal to 2.5 feet. For column with foundation equal to 3 feet, there is ¾’’ Groove in plaster at D.P.C. level.

this drawing we have taken from the government construction works, which has designed for the school. and these dimension and height of the wall , foundation are actual. so it means you can also use these dimension for the normal residential building, hope it will be the safe design for your project.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah (



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