Types of Foundation in Building construction

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai (www.civilglobal.com)

We have Two main Types of Foundation.

1: Shallow Foundation

2: Deep Foundation

Shallow foundation:

Shallow foundation is a kind of foundation which depth  of foundation is less than Breadth of the foundation  (D<B) so this kind of foundation is called Shallow foundation.

Shallow Foundation is more types which are given.

1: wall foundation

2:Column Footing

3:Combined Footing

4:Cantilever Footing

5:Mat (Raft) Foundation

 1:wall foundation

This kind of foundation is just used for wall to transmit the wall load to the Ground. Foundation walls should be planned and it will be  constructed carefully as they are probably the most important part of the structure for any building.

2: Column footing

Column footing is suitable for the depth of foundation more than 1.5. A column footing is usually a block of concrete which are poured in the bottom of a hole so that weight placed on the column can be distributed through a large area. which are suitable for column footing

3: Combined footing

Combined footing is used for 2 or more than two column in one row.

4: Cantilever footing

Cantilever footing is used for cantilever foundation.

5: Mat (Raft) foundation

Mat or Raft foundation is used for low bearing capacity of soil. when the bearing capacity or Soil strength is less than we should design the mat or raft foundation. Because this kind of foundations used for heavy loads.

Raft Foundation is kind of slab which support a number of column and walls.



2: Deep Foundation

Deep  foundation is a kind of foundation which depth  of foundation is greater  than Breadth of the foundation  (D>B) so this kind of foundation is called Shallow foundation. Deep foundation is too much better from shallow foundation. When the Shallow foundation does not support heavy project than we use for Deep foundation for heavy projects.

We have some more types in Deep Foundation.

1:Pile Foundation

2: Pier Foundation

3: Well (Caisson) Foundation

1:Pile Foundation

This kind of foundation is a cylinder member which transmit the load with friction or by bearing  to the ground.

2: Pier Foundation

This pier foundation is used for heavy projects. When shallow does not support the load than we design the pier foundation for hear project. Than our project will be safe.

3: Well (Caisson) Foundation

Well or caisson foundation is usually provide below the water level . and this kind of foundation is generally design for bridge and also for heavy structures. this kind of foundation reinforcement concrete which is open from top and bottom both side.


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Article Written Be: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai (www.civilglobal.com)




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